Much more ‘Star Wars’ to come in the next few years

Star Wars: The Force Awakens left a huge impact on the science fiction genre and left fans wanting more. People have been wondering what’s coming in the next years and we now have some information. Continue reading “Much more ‘Star Wars’ to come in the next few years”

Election 2016: Candidate Profiles — Hillary Clinton

In an effort to inform our students, Opinion Editor Matthew Brodermann will be profiling presidential candidates this election season. Any opinions shared do not necessarily reflect those of ACSM, employees of the school or other staff members of The Tiger’s Tale.

Hillary Clinton was born to Hugh and Dorothy Rodham and grew up in a middle-class home in Park Ridge, a suburb of Chicago. After college, Clinton enrolled in Yale Law School. While attending Yale, Clinton began dating one of her classmates, future president Bill Clinton. Continue reading “Election 2016: Candidate Profiles — Hillary Clinton”