DC TV shows take different paths

“The Flash” and “Arrow,” two shows with air on the CW, explore similar themes of heroes fighting against a dangerous bigger threat, but do it with different overall tones and themes, making them stand apart.

“The Flash” tells the tale of Barry Allen who has his life turned upside down after being waking up from a lightning-induced coma with the ability to move at super speeds. He becomes a hero after finding
out many other with powers similar to him are using it for evil.

“The Flash” is a overall fun and silly show which appears to be pulled right out of the flashing pages of a comic book. The fun and joyful tone is designed to entrance you. It does this with amusing stories, fun villains and wonderful special effects that only enhance the viewing experience. If you’re looking for a story with well written plots and side characters however keeping a fun superhero experience you’re looking for then”The Flash” is the show for you.

“Arrow,” which tells the story of Oliver Queen, is a nitty-gritty show which bares dark themes and a serious story line. Queen becomes stranded on a deserted island after a yachting accident, and in the five years until he is rescued, he fights for his survival. During the time he also learns secrets, including the corruption of his father. After leaving the rough conditions of the island, he changes completely as he tries to make things better and hides his identity under the shadow of a hood. He attempts to rid the city of all those who have done wrong and all who have corrupted it. “Arrow” develops a good story as it explores dark themes and includes captivating fight scenes.