Students in “Ecology of South Florida” class visit Big Cypress National Preserve

Students from Ms. Crespo’s Ecology of South Florida took a trip on March 9, 2017, traveling to Big Cypress National Preserve in west Miami-Dade County.

The trip, which is one of a series of trips class members have taken to various national parks in recent years, is designed to take the learning experience out of the classroom and into the environment students learn about during the class. Previous trips have seen the class travel to Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park.

“They were able to experience the true sense of an outdoor adventure as they observed native plants and animals,” Ms. Crespo said after the trip.

The students left ACSM shortly after school started on Thursday, headed for the preserve. It took about an hour for the students to arrive to the preserve, which is located northwest of Everglades National Park. Once there, students entered the welcome center and were introduced to the history and ecology of the preserve. After that, National Park Service rangers took students five miles into the park to begin a hike around the swampland.

“There was a lot to do. I learned a lot personally from the rangers. I got to see an alligator in person,” Grade 7 student Matthew Diaz said. “Taking this trip helps me learn more about the preserve and how important it is to some animals, and how their habitat is essential to their survival

“We keep this for them, these endangered species that we keep protected.”