New clubs offer range of experiences for students at AcadeMir schools

AcadeMir Charter School Middle and AcadeMir Preparatory Academy offer many clubs throughout the week, giving students the opportunity to learn about their interests outside of the classroom.

Both a volleyball club and basketball club will start with Coach Andrews after the break. Ms. Crespo and Ms. Perez oversees two clubs: Science, Engineering, Communication, Mathematics, and Enrichment (SECME) and Dream in Green. Ms. Masis, who teaches a class in robotics, oversees a robotics club with Ms. Rodriguez. Finally, the newspaper is produced by a student club organized by Mr. Bunch.

The clubs offer many things to do like helping the environment to doing projects. In the Dream in Green club, you can help the environment and create environmental inventions that can help the school. In SECME club, students make inventions and compete with other schools in Florida and the nation. If a student succeeds in Ms. Masis’ robotics class, the skills learned there could have them competing in regional competitions.

“Clubs are great, because they keep students engaged in learning beyond normal school hours,” Mr. Bunch said. “Some of my best school memories come from after-school activities I participated in. I’m happy we can help provide that for other students.”

Cheers for AcadeMir! School starts cheerleading club

AcadeMir Charter School Middle and AcadeMir Preparatory Academy recently has held tryouts for girls interested in becoming a cheerleader. Tryouts took place after school and featured girls, from Kindergarten through Grade 8.

Girls came prepared with their own choreography, but also performed a routine prepared by Coach Sabrina. Those who tried out had to do different cheers and jumps and were judged by their form, flexibility, and how they performed.

“I’m glad that this year AcadeMir decided to create a cheerleading team,” said Grade 6 student and team member Bryanna Diaz. “I’m glad that this could happen because cheerleading is my favorite hobby.”

When news came out that the school had decided to form a cheerleading team for the first time, many girls were excited to participate in the tryouts.

“I’m very excited that I got the chance to be in cheerleading since last year I didn’t get the chance because there really wasn’t one,” said Grade 7 student and team member Melany Torres. “I also felt happy because I could be on the cheerleading team and express myself and have fun at the same time while fulfilling one of my many dreams.

“I also love Coach Sabrina, she is super nice and a really fun coach.”

Cheerleaders have completed their first event, which was a performance at the AcadeMir Winter Show in December. The routine the team performs on incorporates hip-hop and fast-song movements. Team members practice at least twice a week for 90 minutes, with additional work being done at home.

ACSM and APA building a new era with new campus

On Aug. 22, 2016, a new era began for AcadeMir Charter Schools. Both AcadeMir Charter School Middle and AcadeMir Preparatory Academy moved to a new building, located at 5800 SW 135th Ave. in Kendale Lakes.

The campus is actually made up of two buildings: One, which is open now, consists of three floors (one of which is the rooftop gymnasium) and can fit approximately 500 students. Next year, another new building will open, which will house an additional 300 students.

Students from ACSM, which was located previously in Westwood Lakes, and APA, which was located in Kendall near Miami-Dade College, have faced an adjustment period. However, the new building offers new opportunities for students.

The new, expanded building will allow ACSM and APA to host more events to the outside community. For example, earlier this month the schools hosted their first VEX IQ robotics competition. Previously, the school traveled to other competitions.